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Firefox Download Day 2008

Download Day

Download Day - English

Mari kiter Sertainya sekarang…Klik pada  Banner diatas untuk info World of Recordnya…

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My lil’ sis



Okayy..that day I said wanna blog ’bout my lil’ sis here she is..
Lily Shahirah a.k.a shirah, she’s in form 1..i’ve another sis
..Lily Surida..she’s 24 apparently gap umur diorg
is 11 mom was around 40++ that time
mengandungkan si kecik ni..rezki Tuhan..



dia ni bkn main setia dgn aku klau gi jln ke mana..where my
kids are there she is..hehe..they are very close since my kids
are baby!



Though she just steps in the so called ‘teen world’..but she’s gud
in babysitting naughty kids I shud to repay her ‘kindness’
helping my mom to take care of the kids..aku pun bagilah dia
‘gaji’ jugak monthly..wahh bertambah semangat wajalahh..:D


I’m not here to promote her..haha..just to show my appreciation
towards her..her friends do read this blog too so I just wanna
give her some plus point for her in my cyber mansion…