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happy birthday dad ;)



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today is the 3rd special day for me in this month…
( after mother’s day n baba’s birthday)

it’s my dad’s birthday!
the day he turns 57……;)

happy blessed birthday…
stay macho n stay sporting…ever!
thanks for always being there for the family…

I knew I’ve been to the independent world on the day I surrendered
to U the credit card that U gave me…hehe…thanks for being
the greatest dad for along-angah-me-adik-shirah as well as the
greatest husband to mom!

we love U…

mom and us


I texted dad this morning :
hepi birthday abah! Stay macho n sporting yeah…may the love
n laughter make us happy n blessed 😉

and dad replied :
tq dear, Allah is great…he gave U to us…one of the greatest gift
we had…my lil’ girl ever

dengan sebak I replied :
by the way, ur lil’ girl ni punya birthday is in 1 week time…:P

sepantas kilat he replied :
I’m on discussion, talk later

sambil gelak I replied :
now, that’s my abah!

he still replied :


hahaha…he really makes my day…lalalaaaa 😉

*_precious day_*

Comments on: "happy birthday dad ;)" (10)

  1. happy birthday to uncle..:)

    tq syeka!

  2. hohoho…sweet gilerr ayah sis….btmbah geng taurus…

    hohoho jugak…sweet mcm N…hiksss

  3. happy bday to uncle…:)

    tq mulan!

  4. Ungku Nor said:

    happy besday abah..
    menten ensem sampai bila2..hehehe.

    # begenang airmata baca ayat dia kat awak..huhuhu

    *ungku nor*
    tq kak ungku!
    haha…makin semakin bergaya makin dia berumur ni

    …ayat dia mmg selalu touching gini…

  5. alahai sweetnya sms ngan abah mcm tu

    siyes sweetttttttttttttttt sgt2

    hehe…sesekali memanja gitu pun syokkan

  6. hepi besday to abah lily 🙂
    semoga panjang umur dan sihat selalu

    tq zuris!

  7. selamat hari jadi pakcik..

    tq kty!

  8. wah..ko speaking2 ngan abah ko eh..happy birthday to ur abah..moga diberikan kesihatan dan kebahagiaan sentiasa..amin…

    hehe…dialah cikgu english terbaik saya since small 😉
    anyway tq dee! aminnn…

  9. Alaa.. sweetnya.. father and daughter.. anyway.. happy birthday to your dad and may god bless him with happiness and good path ahead.. aminnnnn

    tq aliah! aminnn…

  10. akak, comelnye gmbr2 tu.
    happy birthday, dad too!

    hehe…sume kontrol abes dlm pic tu…tq for the wish!

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