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salam jumaat guys 😉

harini I nak expose pic my 2 heroes masa diorang 1-2 years old…
saja nak flashback sikit sempena Mother’s Day…hehe…eventho’
they yet to know about the special of that day…I still want them
to wish me Happy Mother’s Day mama…and hugs n kisses 😉

since small both of them suka do things together…if abang naik
swing so do the adik…if sorang melompat2 the other will follow
…the flow goes till now…


if sorang kena marah…sorang lagi (pretend) tumpang berdukacita!



oh! I missed the moment I raised them up since baby…time flies 😉

to my 2 heroes, jangan notty2 yer…be a good boy, mama will boost
up to the fullest to be the best mother in ur eyes…ever…

the month of May is the most sweetest month for me! hehe…it’s
the month of mother’s day, baba’s birthday, my birthday and
my dad’s birthday

5-Gambar yang ke(1253)

happy mother’s day to me…!

to my mom…my MIL…and to all mothers out there 😉
U guys are the most precious person in the heart of every junior…

enjoy ur weekend dearies…!



Comments on: "the precious day…ahead ;)" (6)

  1. muka abang masa kecik dgn sekarang maintain jer tak banyak different… but adik..kecik..tembamnya… mesti best kalaud dpt cubit pipi boyot dia… 😀

    aah abang dari kecik maintain jer…hiksss…hero kecik tembam sket since lahir

  2. dua2 kepala botak bersinar

    hepi mother’s day lily!!
    hero2 kecik baba lah yg kena celebratekan ek 😉

    haha…kepala botak bersinar ekk!

    tq for the wish ;)…

  3. sis, happy mama’s day!!!
    enjoy ur wiken!

    u too sis!

  4. selamat hari ibu! 🙂

    tq! selamat hari ibu juga…

  5. happy weekend!!!!

    tq! to u too…

  6. hepy mom’s day…

    tq! u too…

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