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congrates dear! alhamdulillah semuanya berjalan lancar 😉
last weekend kitorg gi kenduri my best hafiza aka ayg..

sori tak dpt attend ur nikah ceremony dear :(..we were at my in-law house
..anyway i was very2 happy bila received this mms from nani..hehehee..
u look so pretty! tetiba aku lak berdebar..dia yg nak nikah aku plak kena
aura..huahuahua 😛

this is the lucky guy..aza..both of u were meant together..mcm pinang
dibelah2..hikss..but seriously u’re very lucky to have her to share ur
entire life together :D..i couldn’t put it in words..but..hold my words
..she’s one in a not like suki n ayu..hahahaa..jgn marah haa

pengantin baru n pengantin lama 😀

..happy mcm tak complete as nani takde..she left already..takpe
once pic kat pelamin tu dh siap I post it here,ok..

congrates again 😉
selamat berhoneymooooonn..ohh I miss honeymoon sooo much!
eh our anniversary next monthlah..hahahhaa..baba..psstt..pssstt 😀

may all the love n happiness be with u..all the way…aminn

p/s: more pics during the day is at the next entry..jomm!



Comments on: "congrates to mR. & mRs. aZa" (1)

  1. happy honeymoon….
    untuk ko pun skali la happy honeymoon bab tak lama lg anniversary kan. hurray…

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