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lunchtime at midvalley

as baba off today, we headed to midvalley for lunch..while cuci2
mata sket..

kalau dh mmg pegang title mama tu..jln ke mana pun mesti ingat
kat anak kann..kat centre court tu ada plak exhibition ni so grab
sket ape yg patut utk abg & hero kecik..i even showed to them a
few pics taken here..hehe..and as expected laa diorg crying..
nak nakk..suka tau nyakat diorg! especially hero kecik..!

hehe..pity my dearest son! ok ok ok..i’ll bring u over lah
dia paham..

this is the main spot klau gi MPH..pehtu tunggulah smpi rak tu nk
jatuh then only he’ll move away..aii lah darlinggg

then I captured this famous hensem man..hehe replica pun replica
laa..specially dedicated to my beloved lil’ sis..she adore this fellow
damn much! Thousand of pics n articles ‘bout him in her bedroom
..hehe..wuteva laa long as he could inspire u to become as
successful as him..

then round punya round..2 jam lebih tak smpt
lahh nak lunch..dropped by at san Francisco n get latte sorg satu..
takpe lahh sesekali lmbt masuk opis blk..somemore my 2 beloved
boss yg ku jaga tak masuk sehh! sorg entertain client from
Singapore..sorg entertain client from china..horreyy!



Comments on: "lunchtime at midvalley" (4)

  1. wah… dating sampai lambat masuk opis yee…

  2. *Ras*
    huhuhu..takpe once a while..dh lama tak wat keja nihh maa..

  3. boss nak cakap : g lunch x ajak yer?..hehe

  4. *are_t84*
    hahahaa..aiyakk dh kantoi dgn bos!

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