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special cake for abah

this cake is specially dedicated to my beloved dad..

dah 2 hari dia gi outstation dealing pasal keta kat port kuantan..he’s back
today..but just for a while n need to go off to port klang plak..

he’s going off after isyak so sementara dia tgh solat we put the choc cake
(fav. gile) kat hall n the very unpatient grandson dia keep on shouting panggil

so dgn kain pelikat n tak berbaju he ran out from the room..yerlah cucu
dok jerit2 ingat ke ape hal..rupanya ada sket surprise..hehe..he
actually used to it as every year we do surprise our parents with things
like this..

after sumbangkan nyanyian he let hero kecik blow the candle n I can’t
revealed dad’s pic sbb dia tak pakai baju..hahahaa..



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