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lps gi umah jaja we went to MIHAS exhibition kat Matrade Convention
Centre..more than 50 countries involved in the halal food exhibition

Mmg kenyang perut round dlm tuhh..amiklah sume sample makanan yg diorg
provide especially from overseas..excellent!
penat giler round dlm tu..seb baik my cousin’s co. ada booth dlm tu so we got
a chance to relax sblm pengsan..ekekekee I can’t captured many pics as baba
was not around so I’ve to keep on eye to my 2 heroes eventho’ my sis n my
dad tolong pegang diorg..dh laa sesak giler rakyat jelata dlm tuhh..

seb baik ada ‘tok daddy’ tlg dukung hero botak yg dh kepenatan..wish
u were there baba..

as we parked the car at masjid wilayah so we’ve to use the free shuttle
service to go to the exhibition and back to our car..very tiring yet



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